Table Tennis Trainer TENNISSIO

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A fun and exciting table tennis game that makes your kids put down their smartphones and play actively!

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Can’t get out? Can’t go to the gym? No worries, this Table Tennis Trainer can do a big favor

If you want to improve your ping pong skills, then a good option is this Table Tennis Trainer TENNISSIO. You can train on your own anytime and anywhere without worrying about the space needed to fit a table!

This Table Tennis Trainer will greatly improve your prowess in table tennis. It will also train your reaction speed and eye and hand coordination. A fun and exciting game that makes your kids put down their smartphones and play actively!


Convenient Training Tool: Definitely easy to use and convenient for training without picking up the ball.

Relieve Eye Fagtiue: It could relieve the tension of the lens of the eyeball, ease myopia and train your dynamic vision

Play anywhere: Lightweight and portable, suitable for places like garden, park, and anywhere that you cannot fit a ping pong table.

Test your skills: Enhance responsiveness, eye, and hand coordination ability.

Strong and Durable: The base is made of sturdy and durable ABS plastic with suction cups that ensure it stays in place with playing.

High Controllability: It comes with special balls that are attached to a flexible pole that returns the ball back to you.

Easy to Install: Just screw down the ball onto the pole and you’re good to go

Fun and Entertaining: Suitable for beginner and have fun with your teams, family and friends.


  • Racket material: soft rubber, Wood
  • Shaft length: 100cm
  • Racket size: about 25*15cm
  • Base size: about 20cm*2.5cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 × Elastic Table Tennis Trainer.
  • 3 × Special training ball.
  • 2 × Racket
  • 1 × Flexible shaft (the length can be adjusted by your choise)
  • 4 x Suction cups

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Tina Houser
This is a crazy fun toy to play with. At our house, it stays out all the time, and whoever wants just smacks away at the ball for a few minutes. Someone usually decides to join for some back and forth. I never imagined it would be such a magnet for every age. Love it!
Boris Christy
Super elasticity helps you to train the feeling of playing table tennis. The base is firm and durable. It helps us adults to release pressure and realize decompression. Friends who need decompression can be considered.
D. Kautz
We are having the most fun with this! My 82 year old mom and 4 year old granddaughter! Compete to see who can hit the most consecutively!